FidoNet historic files referencing gay queer homo etc issues

24 jan 2020

I was fairly out of the closet as queer(note) fairly early in FidoNet, and given that I was the author of the original code, had a fair bit of power. So fairly early on I was just out, and that was that. Well not really of course there were many complaints, and a few kudos, etc. I don't have too much Fido/FidoNet hostoric materials beyond the files in this archive page, but I grepped the ones I have, and the ones below refer to gay, queer, homosex. To save future researches some trouble.

NOTE: "queer" today (jan 2020) seems to have morphed into meaning gender queer, not just gay, homosexual, etc. I tend to use it in the older way. So read references that way.

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