Places I've been in this car

This might end up as stupid as it obviously started out, but the beauty of the web is I can disappear it, Soviet-style, should it prove to be an embarrassment.

It's not really obvious yet, but I built this car for mild off-roading, meaning basically unimproved dirt roads, like the East Mojave (Calif. desert). With custom wound springs, the tallest wheels and tires I could find, it's got about 9" of ground clearance, about 8" under the axle center and under the LP tank. It sleeps two, has about 400 mile drop-dead range on a full tank. It's clearly just two-wheel drive, the motor is fairly small, and the weak spot is the little air-cooled M35 automatic transmission.

I never said I went fast down these dirt roads. In fact, I practically crawl, and when the going gets rough, I walk it first, and often simply back out. No rock climbing here!

But I've been to a lot of weird places in this car, and will hopefully go through more. I'll annotate the photos below eventually. The problem is that I haven't taken a lot of photos of the car itself, as you can see, mostly I took photos from the car. Eh, no regrets.

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