1966-1970 Collision Parts Catalog

updated 11 jul 2020

This is the 1966-1970 Collision Parts catalog, complete. You can download the catalog PDF below.

Many thanks to Jeremy Eckhart for the high-quality images scans of the original documents.

1966 1970 AMC Collision Parts Catalog (108 MB)

1966-1970 Collision Parts Catalog

Front cover (p. 1)
General information (p. 3)
Model information (p. 4)
Exterior ornamentation (p. 7)
Front bumper and grille (p. 60)
Outside front sheet metal (p. 70)
Inside front sheet metal (p. 78)
Front suspension (p. 87)
Disc brake components (p. 97)
Wheels (p. 98)
Wheel caps and cover (p. 99)
Side sheet metal (p. 100)
Rear sheet metal (p. 106)
Tailgate sheet metal (p. 121)
Rear bumper (p. 127)
Notes (blank) (p. 136)
Back cover (p. 139)

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