1970 AMC Hornet, February 2006

February 2006

A lot of time has passed since I updated this with May 2005's status! I've been commuting to work in it (100 miles/day), tweaking problems (a run of bad oil pressure sensors, squeaks, missing mirror, ad nauseum) but basically no serious problems.

I got most of the hard part of the computer sound system installed; it was quite a big deal. Linux-based computer in the trunk, USB and VGA to the dashboard (photos soon), a lot of custom software, since the auto environment is a hard interface. This part of the project is getting a separate page here.

Up til now, the car looks like hell, cosmetically. No trim, some dents, primer, surface rust, bad paint... but I got paid for a consulting job all at once and to the paint shop it goes!

All along I've been planning on two-tone, white and grey, and that's what it's getting. I did some scenarios and worked out: all white, with grey above the beltline. Precisely upside-down from tradition, but it works here because the beltline is so high, there's little grey.

The colors are 1999 Audi TT Aviator Gray Pearl Effect (Ditzler 8616) and 1997 BMW Alpine White, Underhood (F1151). The gray has metal in it; that's being left out. The white is a soft off-white.

I neglected to save the mock-up images I made on my laptop with various color schemes, but I used the three photos below as masters for that process, "painting" in light gray and white. These serve as "before" photos, anyways.

Getting paid coincided with a two-week trip to Berlin, so I quickly prepped it and dropped it off at Dave and Sam's, on Figuroa Street. Here it is stripped, marked up with instructions:

Dropped by this past weekend to check on progress... a bit late, car should be squirt this coming week. Took two high-res pictures of the car after bodywork done and before primer. Very nice with all the holes filled! (I'm shaving off all the trim...)

Dropped by the next week, they top color (gray) is done and clearcoated, drying in the paint booth. They are not fast here, but do good work. There's not a flaw visible in the surface, barely any dust. The gray sans metal is perfect: more or less battleship gray, but it developed a faint blue cast when clear was applied, a subtle optical effect. It's fine -- the interior grey color is faintly bluish.

White will get squirt in a few days, then dry time and sanding. I hope to have it back the first weekend March, but we'll see...

(in progress Feb 2006...)

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