1970 AMC Hornet, March 2006

March 2006

I just got the Hornet back from David and Sams Body Shop. Here's a few pictures as it rolls out the door... rattly glass and no handles or headlights.

Here are the first pass at the clear taillight lens assembly -- what a pain! I'm making it out of PETG, I can heat-form it with my hand-held heatgun; it can be bent on a brake like sheetmetal. It's about as shatterproof as polycarbonate.

It's my first all-plastic construction, it came out OK but it took months of experimentation with glues and plastics. Not shown is the interior component that will have the 102 LEDs that will make up the brake light spiral and the four turn segments. Should be very hot-shit. All water-clear LEDs, clear plastics, backed with silver behind the LEDs. The taillights get their own microcomputer! Very import-scene.

Here's some interim "done" photos in a parking lot. Windshield trim isn't in, but it's largely intact.

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