1970 AMC Hornet, October 2004

I'm barely able to spend any time on the car for lots of reasons, but continue to pick at it.

I got all the door panels cut out and ready to upholster, made out of 1/8" (or is that 3/16") masonite. I think the design will look nice and be simple and practical. The masonite sure beats the hygroscopic cardboard the factory used.

Above are the original panels. They look a lot better from here than they really are, laying here on the nice flat floor.

Above, all of the panels for the two-door car fit onto a single 4'x8' sheet of masonite. Outlined with a Sharpie, then...

...cut out with a sabre saw. A small bit of filing and sanding was done, especially on the radiused corners.

Other than that I merely got to pick at things, ordered small piles of hardware from the web in preparations for Better Times.

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