Borg Warner Automotive and Truck Transmissions

updated 06 apr 2020

This is a copy of a brief, undated and un-numbered Borg Warner ersatz-catalog of some fairly old auto and truck transmissions. This catalog is here because this is the only source of T96 passenger car specifications or drawings of any kind I have ever found, minimal as it is.

You can download the entire parts catalog as a PDF file here: Borg-Warner-old-automotive-and-truck transmissions.

Borg Warner Automotive and Truck Transmissions

Cover (p. 1)
Transmission models (p. 2)
Industrial transmissions (p. 6)
AS75-T9 assembly (p. 7)
AS80-T9 assembly (p. 9)
AS88-T9 assembly (p. 10)
AS50T10 assembly (p. 11)
AS19-T87E assembly (p. 12)
AS20-87E assembly (p. 13)
AS5-T89B assembly (p. 14)
AS1-T90D assembly (p. 15)
AS1-T90J assembly (p. 16)
AS3-T92 assembly (p. 17)
AS11-T96 assembly (p. 18)
AS61-T96 assembly (p. 19)
AS112-T96 assembly (p. 20)
AS7-T98A assembly (p. 22)
AS8-T98A assembly (p. 23)
AS21-T98A assembly (p. 24)
AS152-T98A assembly (p. 26)
AS2-5P assembly (p. 28)
AS2-72M assembly (p. 29)
AS13-72P assembly (p. 30)
AS14-72P assembly (p. 31)
AS16-72Q assembly (p. 32)
AS17-72Q assembly (p. 33)
T11 assembly (p. 34)
T12 assembly (p. 35)
T22 assembly (p. 36)
T22E assembly (p. 37)
(last page) (p. 37)

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