Model 35 Automatic transmission Manual

updated 21 mar 2020

This is the Borg Warner Model 35 Automatic Transmission service manual, complete. Each image below is the first page of it's section; click on it to see all of the pages in that section. Within each section you can use NEXT, PREVIOUS to change pages, return to the section index, or return to the catalog index (this page).

The catalog follows. It contains 77 pages. You can download the complete manual as one large PDF file, Borg-Warner M35 service manual, 8 megabytes.

Cover (p. 1)
Contents (p. 2)
Description and operation (p. 6)
The hydraulic system (p. 13)
Control system (p. 14)
Hydraulic circuits in Neutral (p. 17)
Hydraulic circuits in Park (p. 18)
Hydraulic systemin Reverse (p. 19)
Hydraulic circuits in D1 (p. 20)
Hydraulic circuits in D2/Intermediate (p. 21)
Hydraulic circuits in D3/High (p. 22)
Valve body passages, schematic (p. 24)
Valve body (p. 25)
Table of hydraulic circuits (p. 28)
External components (p. 32)
Internal components (p. 34)
Valve body components (p. 36)
Brake bands (p. 38)
Front clutch (p. 39)
Rear clutch (p. 40)
Front clutch (p. 41)
Rear clutch and forward sun gear shaft (p. 42)
Down-shift cable (p. 43)
Starter inhibitor/reverse lamp switch (p. 44)
Gearbox removal (p. 46)
Governor (p. 49)
Oil pan (p. 51)
Parking brake (p. 52)
Down-shift cable adjustment (p. 53)
Selector (p. 55)
Rear brake band adjust (p. 55)
Stall test (p. 56)
Converter fault diagnosis (p. 57)
Mechanical oepration, air pressure checks (p. 58)
Road test (p. 59)
Rectification chart (p. 61)
Front pump (p. 62)
Front servo (p. 64)
Rear servo (p. 65)
Output shaft and ring gear (p. 66)
Planet gears and centre support (p. 69)
Input shaft (p. 71)
Valve body assembly removal (p. 72)
Torque specification chart (p. 76)

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