Locations of 1975 AMC Gremlin "X"/Levis graphics

Since I'm having my car painted, and the stickers replaced, I measured them and took photos. I have no doubt that these are original, factory locations. This car has the "hockey stick" style stripe. It's implied, but I'll state it -- the horizontal stripe is 2.25" down from the horizontal crease that runs the length of the car (measured from the bottom of the crease, to the top of the top 1/8" pinstripe). (It actually varied a bit, +/- 1/8", but I attribute that to my error.)

Right rear quarter, to the left of the right taillight ass'y.

Stripe location, location of "Levi's" sticker, left front fender.

Stripe location, the flared portion above left front fender well.

The tip of the stripe, aft of left headlamp door, front fender.

The plastic AMC logo, left rear quarter, to the right of the left taillight ass'y (damaged logo).


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