1973..1978 AMC parts catalog F-14078 R3

updated 21 apr 2020

This is part 1 of 2 parts.

Part 1:73-78 F-14078 R3 Parts Catalog
Part 2:73-78 F-15078 R3 Illustration Supplement

This is the complete 1973 to 1978 American Motors factory parts catalog F-14078, revision 3. Each image below is the first page of it's section; click on it to see all of the pages in that section. Within each section you can use NEXT, PREVIOUS to change pages, return to the section index, or return to the catalog index (this page).

The underlying PDF document is courtesy Greyhounds_AMX, from TheAMCForum.com, and his friend Rick. Physically scanning and indexing 2000 pages of 60-year-old-document is no small feat, and is a huge boon to the AMC/Rambler community.

You can download the catalog as one large PDF file, 87 megabytes here: AMC-73-78-F-14078-R3-Part-Catalog.


For this catalog, the illustrations are in a separate catalog, 73-78 F-15078 R3 Illustration Supplement. There are limited illustrations in the main catalog, below.

I may try to conjoin the illustrations with parts catalogs at a later date. i

Parts catalog, 1973-1979

The catalog is below. It contains 1274 pages.

About Groups

AMC classified all of the parts that go into their cars into Groups. Most groupes are unambiguous (eg. Group 1, Engine) but sometimes you have to get imaginative (eg. speedometer calibration gears are under "Electrical") (my interpretation: instrument panel guages) or just memorize (Rear Suspension is in Group 11 with Springs and Shocks). On the whole it's well done.

About part numbers

AMC and Jeep part numbers are almost universally of the form XXX-XXXX, seven digits, the first digit always 3. (eg. 320 7888 is a hard to find transmission yoke). Occasionally a suffix letter. Many of the AMC parts dealers prefer to work with part numbers, since there are often many small variations of a part (eg. transmission yokes) that otherwise look identical.

Here is a rough visual guide to AMC parts groups.

1973..1978 AMC parts catalog F-14078 R3

Cover (p. 1)
General information (p. 2)
Abbreviations and Codes index (p. 29)
Alphabetical index (p. 31)
Group 1: Engine (p. 77)
Group 2: Cooling Grille (p. 109)
Group 3: Electrical, instruments (p. 124)
Group 4: Fuel, exhaust, emission (p. 253)
Group 5: Clutch (p. 357)
Group 6: Manual and overdrive transmission (p. 365)
Group 7: Shifting (p. 384)
Group 8: Brakes, wheels (p. 405)
Group 9: Rear axle, propeller shafts (p. 450)
Group 10: Front suspension, power steering, steering gear (p. 469)
Group 11: Road springs, shocks, rear suspension (p. 512)
Group 12: Hood, fenders, bumpers (p. 528)
Group 13: Heater, air conditioning (p. 560)
Group 14: Chassis miscellaneous (p. 599)
Group 15: Accessories, radio, CB (p. 607)
Group 16: Automatic transmission (p. 617)
Group 17: Attaching parts (p. 661)
Group 20: Body sheet metal (p. 726)
Group 22: Window wiper, cowl vent, instrument panel (p. 768)
Group 23: Doors, hardware (p. 791)
Group 24: Rear quarter hardware (p. 833)
Group 25: Glass, channels (p. 839)
Group 26: Body mouldings (p. 854)
Group 27: Body hardware (p. 1025)
Group 28: Sun roof (p. 1042)
Group 29: Seats, soft trim (p. 1044)
Group 30: Body miscellaneous (p. 1250)
PAKS: Packages, assemblies, kits, sets (p. 1250)
(last page of catalog) (p. 1275)

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