rambler roadster

this started out life as an ordinary 1961 Rambler American 330; two doors, bench seat, heater, radio-delete, the optional overhead valve six and Flash-O-Matic (Borg Warner M35) transmission, all the modern amenties of a car from the late 1940's. (Nash was a bit behind the times). like most inexpensive cars of it's type and era, it was driven long and hard and into the ground. when i got it it needed a new everything.

it sat in my yard for five years before i decided i needed a roadster. at the time i was driving a 1963 American hardtop, the same OHV engine but the "sporty" (sic) three-speed overdrive transmission, optional axle, "Twin Stick" floor shifter, and bucket seats. the obvious and sensible thing to do was to smoosh both of them into a rambler roadster.

i found a way to restyle the sedan into a roadster and maintain the Nash styling and proportions based upon my "discovery" of the Golden Rule. with that i proceeded to go with two overriding rules: add lightness, and brutal simplicity: if it did not have an immediate defineable function directly supporting driving safely at speed, it was deleted. much lightness was added, at last count 850 pounds of it (on the local truck scale it was 2250 lbs with me in it and half a tank of gas).

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