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26 apr 2020

Adapting the new Carter YFA clones to the Rambler twist-rod throttle Straightforward, but need to make one adapter part, to install a brandy-new carburetor, not a crap rebuilt.
Changing motor mounts the easy way (AMC 199, 232, 258) This sequence of actions makes the job fairly easy.
Home-made front suspension toe-setting tool An easy to construct and use tool for setting front suspension, front wheel toe-in.
Hot-rodding drum brakes Drum brakes have a bad reputation mostly (not completely) based on examples suffering from years of neglect. When 50+ years old they need more than just new shoes and drums. And with inexpensive modifications they can be made to compete with small disc systems in demanding applications. I've run hot-rodded drum brakes for years in Los Angeles freeway commutes and they they give small discs a run for their money.
Easy, cheap replacement for the windshield washer foot pump check valve Original style replacements don't (aaffordably) exist. If you don't mind this non-standard look this works as well or better, uses common inexpensive parts. A five-minute fix.
A real fix for your sloppy 1960's column shifter The column mechanism in column-shift cars after 50 years of service wear out. They get sloppy, pop out of gear, in general degrade the pleasure of driving. The problem is that the metal components wear out. Here's a fix for this chronic condition.
An electronic replacement for instrument panel gauge voltage regulators Instrument panel gauges use an electro-mechanical voltage regulator that is either unobtainable or expensive and hard to find. Here is an all-electronic replacement using a common part.
Replacing AMC/Rambler Motorola alternators with Delco 10si There's nothing wrong with the older Motorola alternators other than they're old and expensive to replace. Most of the Moto's out there are "rebuilds" missing tag data and other critical information. A new Delco 10si, with warranty, is half the cost of the Motorola voltage regulator alone. The "three wire" Delco can be attached to the AMC wiring harness with no cutting or modification.
AMC and Rambler dash knob removal Why is it that automotive instrument cluster, knobs, levers, cranks, dials, etc are so weird and strange? The 60's and 70's Rambler and AMC wiper knobs in particular, even with the factory Technical Service Manual it's not easy. Here's photos of the mechanism.
Automotive LPG Fuel In the late 1980's I converted my 1963 Rambler Classic Cross Country wagon to LPG as a motor fuel, and drove it for 20 years without gasoline. It was great, except for when it was a huge PITA. Here's an electronic copy of the how-to booklet I sold 1200 copies of through the Real Goods Trading Company back then.
Renovating a rusty gas tank Making a rusted old gas tank as good/better than new qith Caswell's Phenol Novolac fuel-proof epoxy and a lot of work.

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