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26 apr 2020

This index contains things AMC related, but off the path of my main emphasis, whatever that might be.

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Navarro Rambler six

On 14 July 2005 the remaining contents of Navarro Engineering's (Barney Navarro) shop in Los Angeles was auctioned, mostly shop equipment. I went to ogle the twin-turbo Indianapolis 500 engine, ended up buying a load of exotic Rambler test-mule engine parts.

Barney Navarro's 700hp 199ci six sold at auction
This page is mostly photos of the twin-turbo motor.
Barney Navarro Rambler turbo six parts bought at auction
A quick inventory of the parts bought at the Barney Navarro auction.
Navarro turbo setup in a Hornet
The Navarro turbo motor mocked up, interesting though.
Barney Navarro-built Rambler turbo Indy motor
Turbo mock-up.
Note this is mocked up with a TE06, not a T04, which the flange was meant for. The TE06 flange is about an inch wider....

Other car stuff

Cars in Budapest, Hungary, March 2007
Photos from trip to Budapest. No AMC content here! Lots of cool ex-Eastern Bloc (sic) cars though. That's Simon Penny modelling some of the photos.
VAM (Mexican American Motors) 1981 Rally GT
Looks surprisingly like my customized 1979 AMC AMX. I did not know of this car when I did that work.)
Nate's Fast Metropolitan
Ignore these photos. It's not possible for Nash Metropolitans to be driven at speed. Everyone knows that. It is most definitely not going 60 mph in a Mulholland Highway turn. Nope. Beep beep....

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