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26 apr 2020

1950 through 1963 Rambler American/Nash Rambler front suspension The 1958 through 1963 American (and 1950 to 1956 Nash Rambler) suspension can be daunting to work on. I've solved many of it's problems and have worked out solutions to reliability and replacement parts. This work applies to the 1950 up Nash double-wishbone suspensions.
High performance 1950 through 1963 Rambler American/Nash Rambler front suspension This early Rambler American/Nashcan suspension is amenable to some serious tuning. In this document I show how to dial in or eliminate understeer with "Shelby drop", and fabricate better than stock bushings.
1950 through 1963 American steering gear (Gemmer) Pre-1964 Rambler Americans, and probably a lot of Nash cars, use this tiny little Gemmer worm and sector steering box. Needless to say after 60 years it's worn, sloppy, and probably out of lubricant. They are surprisingly easy to rebuild. It's a decent design, and a tight steering box makes driving a pleasure.
1962 through 1967 Classic/Ambassador front suspension trickery 1960's Rambler "big cars" (Classic, Ambassador, etc) front suspensions are excellent designs in spite of their reputation for difficulty. They are subtle, and easy to assemble right if you follow this general procedure.
1962 through 1967 strut bushing fabrication The strut bushings for 1962 to 1967 Classics and Ambassadors are not available and later parts look similar but do not fit. Here is a solution to fabricating a replacement that's suitable for daily-driver use.
Modern (1970-up) AMC strut bushings There are quality and installation issues with two-piece strut rod bushings. Here's a look at the various designs available.
John Elle's 1970-up AMC front spring perch fix The front suspension on 1970-up AMC cars has a coil spring perch containing rubber bushings that wear and fail, and have historically been very difficult to find. John Elle worked out a replacement using inexpensive and generic urethane bushings. It assumes the metal parts are OK, but they usually are.
Home-made front suspension toe-setting tool An easy to construct and use tool for setting front suspension, front wheel toe-in.
Home-made 1970-up AMC spring compressor As you'll find out when you go to do the job, it's difficult to find a spring compressor that actually fits 70-up front springs. They're 6.5" diameter, about an inch larger than most. Here's how I made one from scrap.

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