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26 apr 2020

Here are my AMC (American Motors) and Rambler pages all in one place. Most of the information derives from work on my own cars or related research. Emphasis is on 1958 through 1969 AMCs and Ramblers, especially suspension and brakes, six cylinder engines, the transmissions available for the sixes (much more limited than those available for eight cylinder cars), general chassis, electrical, etc.

All of my cars are long-distance and daily drivers, so my concentration is on problem solving and reliability solutions while keeping them "all AMC".

Organization of this page

The pages are now grouped by subject or focus (the list got too long for a single webpage). This change will not affect bookmarks made in 2020 nor most made before that.

Rambler 195.6 OHV engine

The Rambler 195.6 OHV engine Endurance, reliability, and performance modifications to the Rambler 195.6 ci OHV engine.
AMC/Rambler factory manuals, catalogs, documents This section contains full AMC/Rambler parts catalogs in browsable or downloadable form.
Suspension how-to's How-to documentation and procedures on AMC/Rambler and Nash front suspensions, repair and maintenance and performance upgrades. Mostly the old stuff, 1950 to 1964 Rambler American and Nash, but some later work.
How-To's How-to documentation and procedures on things AMC Rambler, that are not suspension.
Technical documents More browsable parts catalogs, repair manuals etc, not issued by AMC directly, such as Borg Warner, brakes, etc. This includes a few AMC fan webpages saved from older websites.
Cars and projects Cars I have owned, wrenched, and projects I've done on (to, with) them. Some of these are the sources of the slightly-more-formal how-to's above.
Other cars and car stuff Non-AMC things go here, but there are three pages and many photos of the Barney Navarro Indy 500 Rambler test mule engine I bought at auction back in 2005.

Other information

Here are some spreadsheets, shared Google Sheets. The parts list are what I have installed on the car and know to work -- sometimes this is hard-won knowledge. Anything speculative is marked as such (and is often useful later when something goes scarce). The other spreadsheets do things like calculate RPM/MPH based upon metric tire size and gear ratios, very handy for doing what-if's on tires and wheels. These open a new page or tab in your browser.

Read here (Motor Trend, by Richard Truesdell, 5 Feb 2014) about George Romney's Rambler.

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