Chevrolet 1.94"/155" valves in AMC 304 head

Some details on the valve job. To the right here is the stock AMC combustion chamber, so you can see what we're workign with. We're installing small-block Chevy valves made by Martin Wells, swirl-polished stainless steel, 1.94" intake, 1.55" exhaust valves into the AMC head, with hardened seats, since LPG is hard on exhaust valves due to lack of thick, crusty damaging crud provided by gasoline that as a side effect helps the valves cool by filling in micro-pits when the valves touch the seats. The photo to the left shows the new seats installed in the head, but before the excess metal below the seat, in the runner area, has been removed. You have to look carefully to distinguish the seats from the head casting. Without attempting to describe the 3D situation, suffice to say the metal removal and grinding is straightforward and will make for a good-flowing head (not that for my app it matters much).

To the right you can see how much "shelf" is created by the larger valves. The only unknown at this point is valve/piston clearance, but this will be checked within the week. The cam has .400" lift rather than stock [no TSM in front of me too lazy to get up]. The 2.02" intake would probably fit, but wasn't worth the extra effort and research for my engine. Note that the limiting factor on valve size (besides making dents in the piston crown) is the combustion chamber grows northward.

To the left is a nice shot of the valves pushed into place; to the right is a shot of the valve stems poking out the top of the head. Maybe useful to you for comparison. They'll get Chevy springs and keepers.