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MegaJolt, MegaJolt Lite Jr, MegaJolt/E tuner program

the AutoSport Labs MegaJolt ignition controller comes with a tuning/configuration program that is Windows-only. i needed a linux version so i wrote one in Processing 3, a free cross-platform programming language/environment.

download Processing for free from processing.org (link above) and the program from my MegaJolt-tuner github repository (ZIP file download is fine).

the program is not sophisticated, but it will auto-discover the serial port with the MegaJolt box attached. i had some window-resize issue on my GalliumOS laptop, the tuner window remained all black -- resizing the window once fixes it.

i am sure there are bugs. fix or let me know (details so that i can reproduce and repair).

features: auto-discover serial device and MJ. load config from file, save to file. (completely interoperable with the official program's saved files.) edit advance bins (use arrow keys to navigate). live runtime display and simultaneous edit and commands.

limitations: cannot edit global configuration (number of cylinders, etc), or edit correction bins or values. "real soon now". can't use the mouse -- i hate coding desktop graphics programs and probably won't implement that. not enough value to me. "user" and aux settings changes can be made to a saved config file and MegaJolt-tuner will upload them, so all is not lost.