FidoNet file archive

this page links to the folder on my workstation that contains every single Fido and FidoNet file i have. Joaquim Homrighausen and others have put some of this up on github and other places. this is the remainder of files, many of which i thought i had lost simply because Windows indexing hasn't worked for me for a decade; i recently (2017) moved back to linux, and locate was able to find them. (30 years of files includes a lot of disorganization). you'll have to poke around to find anything.

These are raw files, and your browser won't like many of them. Right-click or otherwise use "save link as" or other option to save the file and look at it with the appropriate tool.

Jan 2020: Fido/FidoNet 12u was the final distributed version of the software. The complete source code is below. It will compile as-is only on some ancient version of the Microsoft C compiler, or was that Lattice C. I forget. It predates ANSI C so there are no or few prototypes. Also it used 80x6 Small Model, and ran in overlays, managed by Phoenix Software Associates' PLINK linkage editor. No one even knows what an overlay is now, lol.