"best motorcycling roads" link

nocal little truckee summit link

nocal/midcal kings canyon scenic byway link

socal rim of the world, 38, 138, DRIVEN link

nocal/midcal ebbets pass, route 4, DRIVEN, EXCELLENT, stockton to topaz lake link

nocal carson pass, route 88 link

far nocal sawyers bar road LOOKS GREAT, technical link

socal south grade road (palomar), short 9 mi link

nocal emerald bay road, route 89, lake tahoe, 17 mi link

socal kelbaker road, 57 mi, DRIVEN, easy, remote link

nocal sierra vista scenic highway, 82 mi link

midcal coast nacimiento-fergusson rd, 24 mi link

far nocal mattole rd, lost coast, ferndale, 30 mi link

midcal (fresno) kaiser pass, 20 mi, very high link

owens valley (lone pine) whitney portal rd, 13 mi, technical and bizarre link

owens valley (bishop) rock creek rd, 22 mi, 6000 ft climb, technical link

midcal/central alley (johnsondale) sherman pass CHECK THIS OUT, DOES IT PASS OVER?!, 9200 ft, this is on my maps link

central valley (mckittrick) highway 58, DRIVEN 72 mi, easy drive, amenities link

needles CA (AZ) to kingman oatman rd, 48 mi, DRIVEN link

nocal highway 36, 140 mi, DRIVEN, excellent link

nocal sonora pass, DRIVEN, route 108, 26% grades link

nocal (san jose) mt hamilton rd (continues to 580) likely busy link

socal dillon rd (DHS, 10/62 to indio), 34 mi NOTE: ALT TO 10 FOR DHS to PALM SPRINGS/74 LOOP) link

socal (death valley) dantes view viewpoint link

nocal monitor pass, DRIVEN, hwy 89 link

owens valley (lone pine) horseshoe meadow rd, 20 mi link

so cal/owens valley walker pass, hwy 178, DRIVEN link

owens valley (independence) onion valley rd, 13 mi, DRIVEN, STEEP! fantastic view link

socal onyx summit hwy 38 link

socal mojave ivanpah-lanfair rd drive, 60 mi, DRIVEN?, easy, rough link

socal (anza borrego), off 78 yaqui pass link

owens valley (mammoth) convict lake link

owens valley (big pine) south lake link

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