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Some old stuff I wrote and collected, about psytrance (psychedelic trance).

My 1990's San Francisco

(december 2016) what with the recent horrific fire in the oakland queer warehouse, and discussions about *physically* supporting queer and other outlier culture, i thought that some of these pictures might be part of the conversation. previous to all this, i had been asked to locate some pics of this era for a documentary. it took me a while to find the particular shoe box and hand scan (poorly) a...

Shred of Dignity, Homocore, Gilman Street audio recordings

These are one of a kind live recordings made in the 1990's within the SF punk scene. These recordings were made with my little hand-held Aiwa pocket stereo casette recorder, with a very nice stereo mike. Overall, the audio isn't bad, but there are artifacts from the mike banging around and scraping on clothing. There's also a lot of ambient noise it all of them, because I'm usually wandering around and talking to people. Also these were social events, not media e...

HOMOCORE 1988-1991

Below are all issues of HOMOCORE zine, 1989 throguh 1991, issues #1 through #7, except for issue #5-1/2, the BAD POETRY ISSUE, because it's 2 feet by 3 feet huge and I have no idea how to scan it. HOMOCORE was in many ways separate from Shred of Dignity Skaters' Union, but in San Francisco, and in my (and our) daily lives, they were pretty much integrated. T...

Shred of Dignity, ca. 1989

Photos of the Shred of Dignity household, 164 Shipley Street, cruddy old warehouse. The entire street is gone now.