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Subdirectories in Files:

Non-image files:

File: Jornado del Muerte.PSD (Adobe Photoshop Drawing)

File: VID_20151128_125559.mp4 (Motion Picture Group compressed video)

File: road-shot-wallpaper.bmp (Microsoft Windows Bitmap formatted image)

File: road-shot.PSD (Adobe Photoshop Drawing)

Image files:

Image: Carizo-Rd-N-telegraph-pole.jpg

Image: I40-somewhere.jpg

Image: Josh,-camping-in-AZ.jpg

Image: Liberace Museum1.jpg

Image: Liberace Museum2.jpg

Image: N-of-Frasier-Park.jpg

Image: Rt119-taft.jpg

Image: Rt58-E.jpg

Image: Rt58-E2.jpg

Image: Rt58-taft.jpg

Image: VID_20151128_125559.mp4

Image: VLA-from-afar.jpg

Image: ancient-road-map-stitched-cropped-600.png

Image: ancient-road-map-stitched-cropped.png

Image: ancient-road-map-stitched.png

Image: ancient-road-map1,-FINE.jpg

Image: ancient-road-map1.jpg

Image: ancient-road-map2,-FINE.jpg

Image: ancient-road-map2.jpg

Image: camping-in-AZ-on-the-way-to-NM.jpg

Image: camping-in-AZ.jpg

Image: carizo-plain-N-60mph.jpg

Image: josh-at-roper-park-AZ.jpg

Image: josh-driving.jpg

Image: liberace-museum1.jpg

Image: road-shot-s.gif

Image: road-shot.gif

Image: road-shot.png

Image: storm-clouds-in-AZ.jpg

Image: taft-out-R-window.jpg