Fool's Errand TT

updated 30 june 2019

the Fool's Errand is a two day, one overnight tour on public roads for old (pre-1976), exotic, or odd vehicles. we leave from the Echo Park area, drive through desert and mountain and otherwise beautiful and/or amazing roads, with surprises thrown in, and overnight at a selected destination motel. the next day we return via a different route, to somewhere we can have a celebratory dinner.

the roads are carefully chosen to be brisk, sometimes challenging, but not grueling, about 300 miles per day. printed route sheets and summary maps are provided the day of the event. lunch stops arranged en route.

the first run was 2 & 3 June 2019, the weekend after Memorial Day, leaving on Sunday morning, returning Monday evening. traffic is minimal, roads are clear, weather is great. next year (2020) will probably be the same weekend.

Sunday/Monday, 2/3 June 2019

well that was fun! here is June 2019 tour info plus photos and route sheets. send me your photos, comments on the route, favorite/hated roads, any feedback welcome.

-- background image by Tom Truppi

-- fool's errand stickers by Brian Ismay